About Us

 What is Charlotte Works?

In the simplest terms, we help put people back to work.

We’re a public-private partnership that brings together resources to connect job-seekers with local employers to fully meet employers’ needs.

The “public” part is the federal Workforce Investment Act funding that supports our operations.

The “private” part is the private-sector companies whose representatives comprise the majority of our board of directors. And the private-sector companies that use our facilities and services, hire our clients and provide the time and talents of employee volunteers to help get job-seekers back to work.

We’re in the job-creation business. We believe that economic development IS workforce development. As such, we supply customized resources to both job-seekers and employers to meet the changing talent demands of local companies.

The Chamber, the Charlotte Regional Partnership and other groups are bringing employers to Charlotte; our role in the economic development cycle is to help assess and develop the talent.

We seek to help job-seekers get better jobs than they would on their own – thus providing employers with more qualified candidates. And we provide employers with qualified candidates who have the training in both the hard skills needed on the manufacturing floor, for example, and the soft skills to navigate the office.


To job-seekers, we offer free workshops on resume-writing, interviewing, using social media in the job search, writing a career mission statement and more. Clients can take advantage of one-on-one resume and interview coaching sessions.

For those who are eligible, Charlotte Works can provide grants for both classroom and on-the-job training to increase their skills and marketability.

We seek to help job-seekers get better jobs than they would on their own.

To power up with Charlotte Works, you must first register on NCWorks Online, the state of North Carolina’a powerful one-stop job-search website. On NCWorks Online, you can:

  • Access jobs posted directly by employers as well as those collected from major career sites such as CareerBuilder, Monster, LinkedIn and more – all visible in one place online so you no longer have to search multiple sites.
  • Apply to those jobs directly from NCWorks Online, using a resume and cover letter you create with the site’s easy-to-use tools (or upload your own).
  • Help employers find you faster by being present on NCWorks Online.
  • Create a “virtual recruiter” to search job postings and notify you when one matches your skills.
  • Track your job-search activities.
  • Research real-time labor market information such as salaries.
  • Assess your job skills, research training providers, determine a training budget and create a training plan.
  • Register for all of Charlotte Works’ workshops and events, including orientation, coaching sessions, fairs and more.
  • Contact a member of our staff to learn about and determine if you’re eligible to receive an On-The-Job Training grant through your new employer or participate in classroom-based or other training programs to enhance your skills.


Getting started

Learn about the services available at Charlotte Works by going to our main website.  When you’re ready, follow the prompts to register with us on www.ncworks.gov.



To employers, we offer assistance in assessing hiring needs at all levels – from entry-level up through the C-suite.

Just as with job-seekers, employers can access training grants for both current  and future  employees.

We provide services and information, including comprehensive local job-market data and forecasts, for relocating and expanding companies.

We can create customized recruiting tools.

From time to time, we host human resources professionals and recruiter workshops.

And we offer technical assistance to employers throughout the registration, job-posting and recruiting processes on NCWorks Online.

Find out how we can help address your company’s talent needs.


Learn more on our main website.